Motorcycle Glove Usages as per Your Choices

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Leather gloves are the most common, offering great protection from scratches and durable. Because it is the most popular, it is the most used material for this type of glove, being easy to find. Currently, leather is crafted to provide more comfort and let your hands breathe, in addition to its timeless style.

The Use of Nylon

Nylon is another widely used material and, although not as resistant as leather, it is waterproof and provides more flexibility in maneuvers, in addition to being cheaper.

  • It is worth remembering that one material does not exclude the other, that is, a glove that combines Nylon and Leather may be a more affordable option.
  • Noble materials are Polyester and Clarino, not very common, but already used in some specific segments, such as sports. Polyester has its origins in military equipment, since the material is very resistant and malleable, and can be sewn in any format and in several layers.
  • Clarino is more common, more resistant than leather, but more flexible, even when wet. An advantage of this material is that it is more popular, that is, it is present in more formats, styles and sizes on the market.

Finally, the size of the gloves is the last essential feature of this apparatus, as the pair must be fully adjusted to the driver’s hands. If they are the wrong size, the driver may have his / her direction impaired, increasing the risk of accidents.

Generation Boutique

Regardless of your style or how you use your motorcycle, gloves are a very important part of any driver’s clothing. Therefore, you will find several models and styles of gloves. Know our options for you .

  • Whether for long or short motorcycle rides, choosing the right equipment is one of the best ways to ensure safety. After all, they are the only thing that protects the rider from any kind of weather change, in addition to minimizing damage in the event of an accident or a fall.
  • Therefore, it is always very important to choose motorcycle clothing that has high quality materials. And one of the main and important points of having protection is the motorcyclist’s glove, since they protect important points, such as hands, fingers and wrists.

To give you an idea, according to experts, the importance of a good motorcycle glove only loses to the seriousness of choosing helmets, when it comes to motorcycle safety. However, this is not just what needs to be seen when choosing motorcycle gloves. It needs to offer another experience that every motorcyclist craves: all the comfort to practice motorcycling.


Thinking about it, we separated some important tips for you to choose the right motorcycle glove model for your need. 

Know the purpose

Like any other motorcycle gear and clothing, gloves need to be chosen according to the style of the ride you are going to take. At this point, there are several models on the market, for each style of ride or trip. However, you cannot forget the comfort of the motorcycle glove when choosing.

So, evaluate if the material of these motorcycle clothing is well made and if it also has some type of ventilation, so that the hand does not suffer from perspiration, in addition, mainly, to have the necessary protection for your hands, in case of falls or falls.

Hit the material

Still on the material, there is no better type than the leather motorcycle glove. It is long lasting, resistant and still offers enormous protection against scratches, being much more comfortable to use.