Enter Your Wedding Ceremony In Our Beauford Classic 1971 Convertible

Enter your wedding ceremony or arrive at your marriage related functions in an elegant and glorious looking Beauford Classic 1971 Convertible. A day like that at your wedding will be a memorable one. Aces Car Hire provides vintage cars hire for their clients and newlywed couples in Manchester, UK. We instil a vibe and the aura of superior stylishness, whether luxuriously or beautification wise. 

Expect to be the centre of attraction with professional and experienced wedding chauffeurs riding you from place to place. They are trained with utmost attentiveness to ensure every newly married couple is going through a smooth, stress-free, and once in a lifetime experience. Besides their apt ceremonial attire and precise punctuality, they let you know about the services offered to you while you hop from one destination to another in this classic.

Beauford Classic 1971 Convertible has seats manufactured using dyed leather padding along with chrome fittings topped with a red trim design. Suit yourself by using this old-school yet fine convertible roof feature, fit into the weather, or ease yourself from the heat that your wedding gowns and suits are causing. Brides and grooms, whether riding alone or with their friends, can get a vintage feel the moment they hit the road.

The specialty of Aces Car Hire Service

For decades, hiring a car or travelling services for your auspicious wedding day has been a hassle. Aces Car Hire is here to rescue you. The company has come up with a concept of high-end and high-standard Vintage Car Hire Manchester. They simplify and effectively manage their client’s travel plans on the day of the wedding. After you have reached your wedding venue, you can tell the chauffeur to pick up some of your relatives or friends from either the airport or their homestays. The passengers can switch on the rear home theatre setup and cherish memories or even build new memories. The chauffeurs believe in providing top-notch and more than required services to keep their passengers entertained throughout the journey. 

If your wedding occasion is not the time to treat yourself with a premium experience, then what is? While you get lost in your train of thoughts, post or pre-wedding, be ensured and comfortable, rocking the boat with vintage car hire service from Aces Car Hire. For more details, you can contact us via email, phone, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even drop in a query on the official website, and we will get back to you with a specific plan, catering to your requirements.