Car Movers: How To Choose The Right Company

There are three options when moving your car across the country. Drive the car yourself, pay someone else to drive it, or hire interstate car movers. Most people choose the last one due to its convenience and security. Because of the increased demand, there are now a lot of car shipping companies so it is difficult to make a choice. Here are some factors you should consider to help you come up with a decision you will not regret later on.


All businesses need proper registrations. This includes those that provide car transport services. They should have a registration under the Department of Transport or DOT. This is even more needed if they are crossing state lines. You should ask the company to give you their DOT number.

A Motor Carrier number is also a must. This is because they are an interstate company and safety may be an issue. It will let you know whether they have a history of a safe driving record. You can check this with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Registration is also needed if they ship abroad. You can check this with the Federal Maritime Commission.

Bond and insurance

Proper registration is not the only thing you should check. Ensure their bond and insurance. This will make you feel more secure. You will have protection if ever anything happens to the driver or to your car.

You should ask about their insurance documents. This is because most car insurance companies do not cover the car during the move. Understand what coverage your vehicle will have while shipped.


They should have a professional-looking website. Browse the pages and not only the homepage. A reputable company that provides good information on their website is what you want to look for. The website should include ways to reach them. Information about the services they offer and frequently-asked-questions should be there, too.

Testimonials and reviews

Testimonials are sometimes seen on professional websites. Do your research and compare interstate car movers. This is important. Check consumer reporting agencies, you can also check out the moonlight.


Most auto shipping companies move any type of vehicle to any location. One of the most common types is an open transporter.  The cost is often lower because it is open to the elements. The risk of getting damaged is great. Another type is an enclosed car transport. This moves the car in a covered trailer so it provides better protection. This is a better option and it is about twice as expensive as the open transporter.


The cost of shipping your car depends on many things. Such as the kind of service you need, the type of transporter you want, and how far you want to move it. The price also varies from one company to another. Make sure you ask for a car transport quote before you decide. Know the inclusions to avoid any unwanted surcharges.

It is always a good idea to take a little extra time to see what other customers say about the companies. Check out their social media sites and check for any negative comments. You can also check out Yelp and Google. All reviews are visible there, negative and positive.