What is Giga Park? Sell Model

You just have to park your car and we will help you price it right. Giga Cars will take care of the rest and advise you on the bestselling price, of course you are still free to set the selling price after considering our advice. Selling has never been so easy. The experts at Giga Cars do everything possible to ensure that your car is ready and attracts potential buyers. This is made possible by the Giga Park and Sell feature.

What is Park and Sell?

Park & Sell is a unique feature of Giga Cars that allows car owners to bring their vehicles to the Giga Cars store, advise on the right selling price and display them to potential buyers. With this feature, Giga Cars takes care of the marketing, paperwork, and handling of buyer inquiries, test drives and on sale, the transfer to the new buyer. In addition to featuring the car on their own site, Giga Cars also lists vehicles on reputable car selling and buying portals. This allows interested buyers to view your vehicle without the hassle of them showing up at your place. Giga Cars ensures that vehicles listed for sale receive plenty of promotion and proper visibility.

How much does it cost?

Trust the specialists and you will get your car sold at the best price. Dosts at Giga Cars are specialists when it comes to pricing any vehicle. With the help of the price discovery tool, you can determine the value of your car. If you choose to use the Park and Sell model to sell used cars in Bangalore, you will pay a small listing fee until your car is sold and a success fee after your car is sold. The amount you receive from selling your car via Giga Park & Sell will likely be much more than what you spend on the outright sale.

What are the benefits?

There are various benefits to choosing this option when selling your car through Giga Cars. First of all, you have two choices: selling the car to a dealer or selling it yourself. The former choice is convenient but may result in a lower price for your vehicle. On the other hand, choosing the latter option can generate a higher price but may be more time-consuming and involve dealing with strangers at your place and managing paperwork. With the Park and Sell feature offered by Giga Cars, you can avoid the hassle of selling the car by yourself while getting an average of 10% higher selling price for your car as compared to an outright sale.

Sell Cars at Giga Cars

By choosing Giga Cars to sell your used cars, you save a lot of effort and time. The process is quite simple. You need to bring your car to the store for an evaluation and Giga Dosts will carry out and evaluation and advise you on the right selling price. Of course, you can still list it at the selling price of your choice. Following the listing for a small fee, everything is taken care of by Giga Dosts. During this process, you will have access to an online portal where you can track the progress of the sale. This makes it convenient for buyers to take a closer look, test drive, inspect the car and make a buying decision. Giga Cars believes in conducting business with complete trust and transparency. By choosing to sell your used cars through them, you will receive the best value in return.