5 Tips to Avoid Common Emergency Locksmith Frauds

Most people think that searching for an emergency locksmith online is ultimately the right thing to do. However, this might not always be the best idea. With so many locksmith scammers masquerading as legitimate locksmiths, searching for a locksmith online can be a risky process. On the flip side, you can still get a genuine locksmith on the web by merely avoiding some locksmith frauds. 

As a guide, here are five tips to help you avoid common emergency locksmith frauds.

  1. Verify The Locksmith’s Licensure and ID

Once the emergency locksmith you had earlier contacted arrives at your place, verify their ID and licensure to be sure that you are dealing with a legitimate locksmith. Almost every state nowadays requires locksmiths to have licensing and valid ID under their belt. Any locksmith operating without licensure or ID can’t purport to be legitimate. Take caution if the locksmith works for a different company other than the firm you hired.

  1. Do A Background Check On The Locksmith in Advance 

One of the easiest ways of checking the legitimacy of an emergency locksmith is doing a quick search on their background. For instance, you can check the location of a prospective locksmith, their online reviews, their BBB ratings, and their social media profiles among others. You can also ask them general questions regarding their business. Additionally, ensure that the locksmith you choose has a valid business name—not generic names such as ’emergency locksmith services’. 

  1. Check For Price Alterations 

One common sign that a locksmith isn’t genuine is constant price alterations. Fraudulent locksmiths can quote a reasonable price when you initially talk to them, probably to lure you into hiring their services. However, you will be surprised when the locksmith quotes exaggerated prices upon getting to your place. A genuine locksmith will stick to their costs no matter what.

  1. Testimonials 

A genuine locksmith always has credible testimonials. Never be lured into working with a locksmith who doesn’t have any testimonials to show as proof of their legitimacy. After all, how can you trust a locksmith who has nothing to show as proof of their credibility? How can you be sure they offer the locksmith services they are claiming to offer if at all they have no testimonials? Verify their testimonials by calling the clients whom they have worked with before. Ensure that these people can account for the time and experience they had with the locksmith. 

  1. Check Their Tools

Another simple way to evaluate a locksmith’s authenticity before hiring them is the kind of tools they are using. The locksmith should arrive at your place with practical tools that can be used to do locksmith tasks. If the locksmith doesn’t seem to have the right tools for the job ahead, they are either inexperienced or scammers.

Final Thoughts 

There you have it; 5 simple tips you can leverage to avoid falling for emergency locksmith frauds. Generally speaking, hiring a legitimate emergency locksmith isn’t something complicated. All you need to do is to just check for any signs of scammers while finding a reputable locksmith.