Ask These Questions to Car Shipping Company before Seeking Their Services

In a situation, when you are moving from one state of the country to the other state or some other country, you will need certain safe mode for shipping your car. Also, when you buy any car online, you will need such services.

There are auto transport companies like Ship a Car, Inc available in the USA, who will offer you superior shipping services for relocating your vehicles. However, before you avail their services you must be clear about what they offer.

Therefore, following are few questions that you must ask them before seeking their services.

  • Are you a registered company?

Make sure that the car shipping company you are considering is a properly registered company in the USA. 

  • Have you got proper license?

Always hire services of only those companies that have any valid licensed company to avoid any issue later.

  • What services do you offer?

Try to know in detail about various services that the car shipping company is offering so that you are convinced that your car will reach safely to the destination.

  • How much do you charge?

It is an obvious question that you must ask any company to offer their prices in the form of written quotation. 

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  • What kind of insurance do you offer?

It is important to have proper insurance of your car during transit against damage or loss and therefore try to know what kind of coverage they will offer.

  • What kinds of documents needed?

Try to know what kind of documentations you must supply to them for shipping your car without any legal hassles.

  • Can you ship any type of car?

If your car is a little bigger or certain special type of car then obviously you will prefer to know whether they have necessary facility to ship all types of car.

  • How to make my car ready for transporting?

This question must be asked to know whether you must remove any accessories or do the packing from your side etc.

  • How long the shipping will take?

Make sure that the time needed for shipping your car is according to your convenience.

  • What are your payment terms?

Try to know whether they need any upfront payment for shipping your car.

  • On what basis do you charge?

Try to know whether they charge based on distance or size of the car etc.

  • How will you transport my car?

Try to understand in detail how are they going to carry your car and finally transport it.

  • Do you have any customer support?

Obviously, you will need customer support services to know the status of the shipment. 

  • What are the locations of pickup/drop off?

Very important for you to know where will you drop and pick your car at the destination

  • How will you ensure that nothing will happen to my car?

Get proper assurance that your car will reach in safe condition.

  • What happens in case my car gets damaged?

Try to know how they will compensate if your car ever gets damaged during transportation.