Towing truck a very helpful service by the towing companies:

Whenever the car gets breakdown or got crashed just call the towing service to tow the car. The towing company will come at the pickup location with their Towing truck [รถยกลากจูง, which is the term in Thai] and will pickup the damaged car. And then drop to the location given by the client. Towing service is very helpful when someone’s car got breakdown at midnight. When there will be no mechanic shop open. In that situation the owner is left with two option either left the car there or tow the car to nearest open mechanic shop.

The car can’t be left on the road because then the chances of getting stolen will be high. Then towing the car is the best option. Because even at midnight the towing companies are open. People just need to call them and they will be right there with towing truck.

Generally, the towing companies use slide truck

For normal light commercial vehicle, the towing companies use Slider truck [รถยกรถสไลด์, which is the term in Thai]. Because it is very easy to tow the car in slide truck. The slide truck uses hydraulic technology to put the vehicle on the flatbed area. Then the car properly fixed on the slide truck and after that the truck drops the car to the desired location given by the client. There will be no chances of car getting dropped on the road while in the way to destination.

No damage to the transmission

If someone is worried about the transmission system will get damaged. Then not to worry, there will be no kind of damage to transmission part of the car. And the car will be towed very safely. And the car will be towed very safely.