Variety of keys for cars that you must know

The keys of the car are not just a metal piece to open and close the doors of the cars. It performs many functions like controlling the alarm system, lighting system etc. So, the keys offer a high level of security to your cars. The cars like Toyota come with an advanced system of keys. The Toyota car key is the most advanced type of key. The keys of the car come in many varieties. Some of them are given below.

  • Valet key – It is mostly designed to open the locked doors of the car and it allows you to start your car with the key. It has a chip that is coded, so it inhibits the access of opening of different parts of the car like trunk, seat backs, gloves box etc. 
  • VAT key – The vehicle anti- theft key is an upgraded version of the normal keys and first electronic key. It gives more security or safety to the car. A resistor is embedded in them. When you insert the key in the ignition of the car, the current runs inside the resistor. 
  • Flip style key – The switch- blade or flip style car key is opened by just hitting a button and to retracting it. It folds itself in the fob, when someone does not use the key. It is trending in the market now because of its compact look. 
  • Basic key – It is oldest metal key that has a machine cut to start the ignition and lock the doors and sometimes open the trunk of the car. The key fob can also be attached to it for enhancing the level of security. Now, this combination has an alarm system that protects your car from theft. 
  • Laser cut key – the laser cut key or sidewinder key is more accurate and offers additional security. It has a ridge on both the sides of the key. It is impossible to make its duplicate.