Symptoms of Bad Brake: Don’t Ignore These

Do you know the symptoms of bad brake problems? If yes, then this is the article for you. When you ever notice a weird and strange noise coming from the brake or smell some burning smell from the vehicle, you should stop the car and recognize what are the symptoms of a bad brake. Vehicle braking is an important thing that you should check regularly and do not ignore ever. Parts of brakes need maintenance on time, and they also have a particular life expectancy.

If you ever look at some signs of bad breaks that you will read below, you should be prepared to repair and replace it.

Some bad brake problem symptoms

Squealing noise when braking:

Both rear drum and disc brake have a feature of pad wear indicator that is specially designed to indicate and show you when you need to change brake shoes or caliper pads. While hitting the brake, it creates a horrendous metallic squeal. When you go to car servicing, you should change the pads.

Burning smell:

A burning smell is another symptom of the bad brake. However, the burning smell occurs when the engine overheats, and it also indicates that cylinders and calipers reach boiling point. But if the smell is related to brakes, then the smell will be chemical and sharp. When you smell a burning brake, see the right and safe place to park the vehicle and wait to cool it.

light alert:

The most common sign of bad breaks is a warning light that shows on the dashboard that you can’t never ignore. The brake system has two warning lights, including the ABS light, which means orange and handbrake light means red.

If you ever see any light among both, it could be brake problem symptoms. When you see the light, you have to call assistance immediately.

Vibrating feel:

If you want to know what are the symptoms of a bad brakeso vibrating or wobbling feel is another one. You can feel vibrating or tingling sensation in the steering wheel while applying or hitting a brake pedal. This vibration occurs when the brake rotor comes out of the alignment. However, brake efficiency doesn’t affect the efficiency of the system, but it is something that you should get fixed soon.

There are many other symptoms of bad brakes like grinding sound, pulling to one side while braking, and many more. So when you ever notice any sign, then you should immediately call to your assistance and change the brake.