Signs of Trouble the Check Engine Light Indicates

The check engine light on the dashboard is no less than a nightmare for car users. It writes only this much but means much more than what’s said.

Whenever it gets illuminated on the dashboard reading “check engine”, it actually reports the car user about an issue in the engine compartment. It could be something as small an irregularity like a loose gas cap but can be as big as amalfunctioning catalytic converter. But as described by one of the auto expert of the Rathdrum check engine light department, it is indicative of an issue related to the systems like ignition, fuel, exhaust systems and emissions. Sometimes it can also turn up if the Spark plug gets disconnected or loose.

The recently manufactured vehicles however have reduced this mystery around the ‘check engine’ light with the help of onboard diagnostics system which is specifically programmed to detect any problem related to the engine, so that actions can be taken in time before it starts affecting the system of emission control.

Interpreting the Indications

Usually the check engine light appears either in a yellow or orange color on the dashboard with the words reading “Check Engine”.

In normal conditions, this light is supposed to get turned on automatically along with all other lights when you start the engine for the first time and stay only for a few seconds. But if the light doesn’t go down, it is a matter of concern.

If the light stays on continuously, it is less worrisome and can be addressed with DIY techniques, like tightening back the has cap, replacing the Spark plug, changing the oil and the oil filter. Sometimes it can also be a damaged oxygen sensor that is unable to perform the accurate reading of the amount of oxygen present in the engine compartment. Because of this, it could create make the check engine light turned on.

But if the check engine light start flashing or keeps blinking, it is an indication of a serious issue that needs to be addressed only by a trained and certified mechanic.

What the Mechanics Do

When the Check Engine Light comes on, and you are done with trying out all the DIY techniques with no apparent result, you are supposed to take the help of professionals to fix it up. It will be better to visit an auto repair center to solve the issue, as they will have the right infrastructure and machinery to deal with the problem.

The mechanics will start with their diagnosis procedure to decode the reading of “fault codes” that will get generated by the monitoring system of any modern day vehicle. Once the faults are known, then they go ahead with repairing or replacing the items that are causing the check engine light get turned on.

Summarizing the Major Points

Though many car owners have the knack of popping up the hood and try to fix up the smaller issues all by themselves, not all of them might have the required knowhow. For them the mechanics of the check engine light Rathdrum department suggest not to delay in taking a professional help and address the issue immediately.

Infographic provided by Goodwill Car Donations, car donation D.C.