Tips For Buying Tyres Online

It’s not unusual to make purchases online now. Everyone does it, with the likes of Amazon, Alibaba and eBay making online purchases and drop shipping very easy, most things can be gotten from the comfort of your sofa with just the click of a button.

However, for automotive related stuff, this is not yet popular. People tend to have reservations about purchasing these kinds of things online, mainly because you’ll not exactly see what you’re buying; therefore you can’t do an inspection. Or perhaps, it’s because we’re used to going to car shops to purchase these things.

Another reason is that people might think that purchasing tyres UAE online might be more expensive; however, this doesn’t have to be the case, if you have the right information.

Tip Know About Purchasing Tyres Online

  1. Knowledge

You need to have information about your car and the kind of tyres that your car manufacturer recommends.  Most online tyre shops help you do this easily. There’s usually room for you to put in your car make, model and year. With this the tyre shop will offer you an array of tyres based on brand and pricing.  Also you factor your driving conditions into the equation. So weather, road conditions and all of that should be put into consideration. If you were satisfied with the last tyres, you used, it even becomes an easier for you. You just order those exact same tyres.

  1. Research

After having seen the options that would suit your car, you now have to do proper research to know what the best for your car is. So you’d have to check online reviews, research about brand pedigree, or features of certain brands which you might want to buy.

  1. Pricing

As part of your research, you should compare prices across different tyre shops to see which one is best.  Or to find out if any shop or brand has special sales offer at the time of your purchase.  One brand that has good offers is Cooper tyres. Cooper tyres Dubai price however, shouldn’t be the only factor that you’d consider. Factor in also the price of shipping and then finally what it would cost for the tyres to be fitted.

Some online tyre shops which also have brick and mortar stores can fit your tyres for free or lesser price, depending on the distance between you and them. Some of these shops do also have partnerships with local car places that can fix your tyres for you, do a wheel alignment and balancing all at cheap prices.


So, some of the advantages of buying tyres online are that you can actually find very good deals for tyres. This is because you can check a variety of shops, brands and search for a variety of deals which you might be able to take part in. in the end you’d actually be saving yourself some money.


This whole process of research might be a time consuming process especially for one who doesn’t know about tyres. One might find it easier to go into a tyres shop and find a tyre expert to do all the explaining.

If you also need the tyres in a hurry, this might not be the best route for you. This is because you have to consider shipping time, amongst other things.

So buying tyres online doesn’t have to come with so much trepidation, with a little knowledge and a little patience you’d do just fine.