Renting A Car For Your Trip: Know The Fees At Entirety

Every service comes at a price. So, does the Car renting services do? Yet, the prices don’t seem so simple as it looks like. When there is travel on rent involves the price has many facets. There are many categories and subcategories under which the company levies a fee. Your total cost rises too high for your expectation. I am sure you will not like to get last-minute surprises. So, Check here to understand the broad spectrum of the cost when you hire a car for your trip.

1. Added Taxes

Taxes are big money. There are different category taxes levied when you avail a rental car service. For example, City tax, state tax or country tax, etc. You will get sales tax added to your bill. Over and above other costs; like licensing or energy etc. could add up to your bill.

2. Unexpected Return Timing

An Auto Rental company doesn’t appreciate your unusual time of return. Even when you show up early; let’s say before 24 hours. Some companies levy charges against your late as well as early show up. In case you are late even by 30 minutes, you might get to pay full day rental amount and, or late fees. It’s better to ask your car rental staffs to which one is a cheaper deal. They will guide you in both cases.

3. Payment for fuel

Be clear about the Fuel part. Most companies have policies to get the fuel tank full by the customer. So, adhere to that otherwise, the company charges you for the gas. The price levied by the company will be significantly higher when compared to what if you had got it filed at a local station? Before hiring a car read the terms and conditions related to fuel.

4. Payment for Mileage

Your daily Mileage counts. The companies charge for the daily mileage used. It varies with the size and model of cars. Yet you need to plan your driving schedule. You can get the best offer on mileage if you plan before the distance of your trip.

5. Surcharges

There are surcharges attached to your bills. They vary as per your destinations. Airport surcharges, out of the city or state surcharges, etc. are some of them. If you travel an extra mile out of the company’s defined area or other states; you pay extra bucks for them. Ask about the surcharges and policies before you take a car rental service from the company.

6. Know the services well

There are many other services and perks attached to car hire service you avail from the company. It’s better to know what all comes along the service you avail. Most of the car renting company provides road assistance as they take an inbuilt fee from you. Ask what exactly comes under their service. Like a flat tire cover, only for one time or two, etc..

7. Add On Charges

Besides the in-built services, you can add on some extra facilities to the services. A navigation system, a special car seat, music systems, etc. are some of them. You can take a driver if you ever want to get off the steering. However, every single add on will add up to your bill. The rates of the services vary from place to place.

8. Drop off matters

There are chances that you drop your car way off the pre-decided dropping point. Ask the price for the unusual drop-off, as it might costs you Beyond your expectation.

9. Pay the fees for underage driving

If you are an underage driver (say between 21 to 24), you may drive but within the certain restriction. However, you need to pay extra bucks for that. Check with your service provider. Prices don’t seem so simple as it looks like.


This is true, Car rental has a lot of fees involved in it. Well, you would agree that building up a smooth process has its costs. When you avail a service, you pay for the hassle free process you experience. Then there is always a smarter way to curtail down your bill. Look for the options around and select. Enjoy your Trip.