Understanding Car Detailing: Perks and Processes

Buying a car could cost you thousands, and years later, repairing for damages could cost you even more. To the typical driver, car detailing is a seasonal practice only applicable for special occasions or needs. However, in reality, car detailing in Springwood is a necessary form of auto care that must be done regularly.

In its simplest definition, car detailing refers to the thorough process of cleaning a vehicle both inside and out to attain a brand-new look. It is usually done by professional car detailing specialists in Springwood who are knowledgeable in the complexity and nature of automobiles using special tools meant for the job.

There are many perks of getting your vehicle detailed. Aside from having your auto cleaned, it is also a way to check for possible damages that are usually hard to detect. By revamping your old auto into its former glory, car detailing help boost an owner’s pride and maintain the automobile’s resale value.

In particular, the exterior and interior cleaning involve distinct and several processes. To briefly enumerate, here are a few:


Since cars are usually judged by their appearance, exterior detailing involves a lot of procedures to arrive at a top-to-bottom auto rejuvenation. To be more exact, here are some of the most common methods:

  • Thorough Washing – this step involves extensive car wash that aims to remove all types of dirt from the vehicle’s surface.
  • Clay – this includes the use of clay bars to remove remnants of soap and other elements caused by the previous step.
  • Polish – this stage involves paint coating, which aims to cover up possible scratches and oxidation.
  • Seal – for the last part, after coating the vehicle with paint, the detailers will soon seal the surface to add another protective layer and boost the surface’s gloss.


When it comes to the interior, every inch matter. After all, our autos’ overall inner condition determines the comfort and convenience we’ll be experiencing during trips. Under this stage, vacuuming, scrubbing, and deodorizing are among the most common steps that must be taken in order to achieve a nice and clean interior.

In taking care of your car, only the most tender and experienced hands are to be trusted. Be sure to schedule your auto for a Fremantle car detailing service right away.