Polish your car like a Pro

One could easily give their car a finishing look, without even a pay checks worth of equipment or a professional detail shop. One should just be little cautious so as to prevent permanent damage to the paint. Limit the car polish to once a year and wax every couple of months. Follow the steps of car polish provided in this article so that your ride shines like new in just a matter of hours.


  1. Step one: Start by washing your car by hand in a shaded areas and rinse the vehicle thoroughly but make sure you do not dry it. It is a messy process so make sure to cover items such as other cars, and nearby walls which you do not want to clean afterwards. Use softer pads and polishing compounds on dark-coloured cars. More aggressive compounds and pads could be used for lighter hues.
  2. Step two: Put a clean and slight damped pad on the car polishing wheel and place a moderate amount of compound on the body panel. Try spreading the polish with the wheel, using a medium speed. It is advisable to keep the spinning pad parallel to the car’s surface to avoid any swirl marks and apply constant back and forth pressure over the entire surface of the panel.
  3. Step three: As per necessity, stop and rinse off the foam pad with a hose or a power washer to prevent it from becoming saturated or gummed up with compound. The outer edge of the pad moves faster than the centre and carries less polish.
  4. Step four: Wash and rinse the car again by using you hand when you have finished the upper three procedure of car polishing. One should wash the door, trunk, and hood jambs and then dry them thoroughly.
  5. Step five: If one applies a coat of wax to the paint, it would definitely help mask swirl marks and cover up most remaining surface imperfections. Leave just a slight of waxy haze to be visible when dry.
  6. Step six: While you have finished the car polish procedure and the wax is left to dry. Clean the other areas of your such as windows and interiors. At last, move the car into sunlight for a final inspection.

The above mentioned polishing process if for modern, multi stage clear coat finishes only. Do not use this on pre-1980s classic.

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