How To Choose The Right Used Car Dealer

Everyone knows that there are many risks involved in buying used cars over new ones. Trusting the wrong seller or dealership can result in a bad deal, or worse compromised safety. Those who are looking to purchase a pre-owned car should know how to spot a trustworthy dealer from a sketchy seller. Before rushing to seal the deal on an affordable used car, here are a few factors to weigh when choosing a dealer or seller:

Questionable Advertising Techniques

Uninformed buyers tend to fall victim to car dealerships that are the loudest. These dealerships advertise too good to be true deals and discounts on barely used vehicles. Some may even use incentives that most buyers aren’t qualified for, just to keep things exciting. In the world of car sales, it is a great rule of thumb to avoid sellers that are too loud and too aggressive to make a sale.

Settle for car dealerships that are professional, less flashy, but live up to their reputation.

The Power Of The Internet

Thanks to the internet buyers can do a very quick check about a potential car dealership before they visit the physical location. Online reviews made by real clients is the best way to determine whether the dealership or seller is trustworthy or not. Try to avoid non-verified threads and reviews and stick to real website reviews.

Reading up on how the dealership responds and addresses the complaints and feedback will also give you an idea on how professional they are with their customers.

Trust Your Gut With First Impressions

Take the next step and go visit the dealership in person. The first impression you have with the used car lot will matter a great deal in the long run. A dealership must be neat and the employees professional and helpful as soon as you enter. However, if the dealer looks dirty, sketchy, and the salespeople aren’t attentive, drive away as fast as you can!

Don’t Shop Using Online Classified Ads

Sometimes it is tempting to buy used cars using online classified ads like Craigslist because at first glance they seem like a good deal. Yes, there are some success stories where buyers were able to get an amazing pre-owned car via the classified ads, but this is very rare. Most of the time these stories end up being warnings due to a bad experience.

So, even if it takes a little more effort and possible will cost more, going to an actual car dealership is better than buying from online classified ads.

Ask Friends And Family For Recommendations

There is bound to be a close friend or family member who has recently bought a new or pre-owned car from a dealership. Ask about their experience and if they recommend the dealer. This way you can set your expectations before driving up to the dealership to meet with a salesperson.

Buying pre-owned cars is risky, no matter what because they have already been on the road. However, buying from a reputable dealership can help eliminate many of the risks involved. Don’t rush the buying process, do your research and find the best dealer in your area first!

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